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December 2017
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Okay, I should know better.

I’m a novelist and a mentor to other writers and have been for nearly thirty years. I should know that silence is not good communication.

No excuse, only an explanation: Bill Martin, my husband of some four decades, died suddenly in 2015. I was left to decide what to do about AR&E as well as my own work. In fact I decided to merge them. I had a novel that had recently come out from Penguin and was just about to start the final draft of a new one. I was also turning some old novels the rights of which had reverted to me into e-books. Meanwhile I had, as I almost always do, any number of clients waiting for scheduled Manuscript Analysis. And ther lawyer had lost the original of Bill’s wil, and I couldn’t sell our townhouse in Philly (both living and office space) until that was sorted. And I decided to move to the Litchfield Hills in northwest CT. And, and, and…

I just kept on keeping on.

Just finished the new novel. (More tk)

Involved in a complex and still not announced negotiation for a dramatic rights deal.

Working with any number of clients that come through word of mouth, etc. (There’s a waiting list. So no wonder I thought everything was probably okay. Ugh.)

What I didn’t do: I paid no attention to either website. Agent Research or Kept up my FB pages and figured one of these days…

Now both websites have been hacked! I knew about a couple of months ago. Now I find that AR&E has suffered the same fate, because a new client has just reported to PayPal that he’s been told AR&E is defunct and he thinks he’s been scammed out of his money. It is not and he has not, both our company research and my very granular involvement with clients–whether for agent advice on its own or in conjunction with Manuscript Analysis–continues. I will now get my act together and have someone start working on building a new combined website that represents the current state of play. Promise.

Meanhile I will post this and hope it gets through.

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